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Faux Cloisonne

March 31, 2013

Here’s the tutorial I promised a couple of days ago from this blog post. As we were in the middle of the challenge, I was so absorbed that I didn’t take pictures. I had a quiet moment last night where I could redo it while taking photos along the way. I first learned this technique from Rachel O’s tutorial on YouTube.

This tutorial is my take of the technique using Rachel’s as inspiration 🙂


Supplies pictured above. I’ll have more deets in my supplies links below.


As these were going to be used for wings, I used a 1/32″ thick card stock. I don’t know any further details, it’s thicker than regular card stock. It feels like it’s over 100lb but I can’t be sure.


Die cut card stock.


Ink up the card stock with embossing ink. (just ignore the fact that I need a long overdue manicure!) lol


Cover with black UTEE and heat set with a heat tool. (my jar is older hence it doesn’t have the cool black and red packaging)


Don’t worry if the UTEE doesn’t cover the entire piece


After the UTEE is cool, apply embossing ink over top.


You’ll see the ink bead on top, that’s okay. Cover with UTEE and heat set.


After the 2nd coat, it’s evened out a little more. Add more embossing ink and another coat for a total of 3 coats of UTEE.


Here’s the wing after the 3rd coat, the UTEE looks uniform throughout. After cooling perfect pearls can be applied directly on.


Adding the first colour, Forever Green Perfect Pearls. Adding directly onto the UTEE, I didn’t add any embossing ink nor perfect medium. (Why? I didn’t like the way the ink beads up.) I found that a mix of patting the perfect pearls on as well as spreading it worked well.


Be sure to wipe the brush off before dipping it into your next colour. Here I’ve used Grape Fizz. The pictures do it no justice whatsoever, it’s quite shimmery and pearlescent.


Last colour, Forever Blue. You can see more in this picture how the blue was patted on. I could have filled it in a little better but with this technique it doesn’t matter.


Using a pigment ink that will stay wet but dry when heated and pigment ink is perfect for this. I didn’t have gold but used Cosmic Copper instead.


You’ll want to be prepared and ink up the stamp first BEFORE heating the UTEE. Set the stamp aside, away from the heat but within reach.


Re-melting the UTEE…if you look at it closely when you’re heating it, you’ll see tiny bubbles and may even see the Perfect Pearls move a little on top of the molten UTEE. (Yes my heat tool is blue-y, I personalized it with alcohol inks) IMPORTANT: Make sure that the entire piece has re-melted!
You may want to practice this beforehand.
(Now usually with Perfect Pearls you need to set it with water. But I found that after re-melting the UTEE, the Pearls become incorporated into the UTEE so wetting is unnecessary.)


After the UTEE is completely re-melted, set the stamp on top with very little pressure. Keep pressure straight down as the stamp may slide. Don’t pull up, let the stamp sit in the UTEE while the UTEE cools. About a minute or so.


Remove the stamp and admire your work!

Here's another look at the final project

Here’s another look at the final project

I have other ideas for this technique on my crafty to do list of things to try!

As I had to make a wing to photograph for this technique but currently don’t have a project for it, leave a comment (perhaps of a tutorial you’d like to see me make) below by Monday at 11:59pm. I’ll randomly draw for someone to receive the single Faux Cloisonne wing made in this tutorial and perhaps a few other things I’ve got kicking around such as leftover green tracing paper that I used for curtains in my Drunken Stamper’s Card yesterday. lol

To make it easy to find again you can always click the Tutorials Tab at the top of my blog or go to where I keep all my tutorials in one handy place.

Thanks for checking out my tutorial and have a Happy Easter!!


Supplies I used for the entire card: (plus others, Bronze Brilliance Ink and Steampunk Debutante from Graphic 45)

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  1. Linda S. in NE permalink
    March 31, 2013 2:54 pm

    Very interesting. I learned several new things, like the Perfect Pearls not needing to be set with water, just the re-melted UTEE was enough to set the product. I also did not know that UTEE was available in black. I guess this is why you labeled this post a “tutorial”. HaHa Thanks for taking the time and effort to show us how this beautiful look can be accomplished.


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