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A Pearlescent Technicolour Thank You

December 3, 2012

**This is a repost from The Blog that Spike Built**

I had dropped into Be Creative in Pitt Meadows this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised when Sharon mentioned that someone had come in saying how much they liked reading my blog. I am touched that you enjoy my blog so much that you shared it with someone. That’s cool and you’re cool! 🙂
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to my mysterious reader! *waving* As I want to thank all my fabulous readers!! If it weren’t for you, I’d be chatting to myself which would get my husband worrying! hahaha…


It’s fitting that I received that cool piece of news while planning out this particular post! This card is another that I had entered into the Chilliwack Agri-Fair this summer into the embossing category. Now whenever I see the word “embossing” I often wonder…well, which one do you mean? Good ‘ole fashioned heat embossing? Or dry embossing, like when you run it through a Big Shot?
While contemplating this, a cool idea for a technique popped into my head. I took pictures but wanted to teach the technique first before sharing it with y’all. I know it’s silly but I am sharing this fun and easy technique with you today.


Step 1 – Onto watercolour paper using distress blending technique (with a craft sheet), added Mowed Lawn, Picked Rasperry and Salty Ocean Distress Inks.


Just showing you the backside of the watercolour paper although I’ve added a ton of colour on the front, the back is clean. (I really don’t know what I was trying to show you here! lol)


Step 2 – HEAT! Use a heat tool to dry, dry, dry the ink. (Distress ink remains “wet” a little longer than regular inks.)


Step 3 – Ran it through Kassie’s Brocade embossing folder. (You can see a bit of the white of the paper, I could reduced the pressure by decreasing a tab on the multipurpose platform on the Big Shot)


Step 4 – Using Distress embossing ink, inked up a brayer until it was really nice a wet and ran it over top. You may need to re-ink the brayer to ink up the entire surface.


Step 5 – Sprinkle clear embossing powder on top. (I just used regular clear embossing powder.) This is where it was important that you had dried it completely in Step 2 to make sure there wasn’t any stray bits of embossing powder. If there are stray bits don’t fret, you can carefully brush it off with a small paintbrush.


Step 6 – Heat with heat tool to melt the embossing powder.


Step 7 – Spray, spray, spray with Pearl, Perfect Pearls Mists OR your own Perfect Pearls mix.


Step 8 – Make sure you’ve sprayed enough, you want to see little puddles of pearl 🙂 You can move the pearl puddles around too by tilting the watercolour paper back and forth. (The watercolour paper will hold up to the amount of pearl spray, other card stocks may not be able to withstand it.)


Step 9 – After tilting and letting it soak in for oh, about 30 seconds or so…dab/blot don’t wipe with a paper towel. By dabbing/blotting you’re keeping the colour in place below it.


Step 10 – By either taking a baby wipe or a fresh moistened paper towel wipe off the pearl from the embossed areas. (You can see the pearly goodness on the background and all the heat embossed areas keep their original colour)


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! To find this tutorial quickly, feel free to pin this on your Pinterest board! 🙂

Thanks so much for visiting, have a great week!


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  1. Kathy slade permalink
    December 3, 2012 3:31 pm

    Totally off the topic, BUT….we will miss seeing you at Classic…..will we be able to take your classes else where?

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